Phonophoresis using tuning forks and singing bowls

"Every human being is music - eternal music - sounding day and night. Intuitive beings can hear this music.

That is why there are people who repel you and others who attract you.

What really annoys and attracts you is the music, that vibrates in a human. "


Joachim-Ernst Berendt, Nada Brahma

Everything in the universe is in vibration, including our body, every molecule, every cell, every tissue, every organ. 


With phonophoresis the body is externally vibrated, for example, by tuning forks. If the human being is on the body and / or spiritual level "out of tune", one can stimulate the body by placing different tuning forks on certain acupuncture points, meridians, reflex zones and chakras of the body to release his energetic blockages and regain his individual "right" body and cell oscillation. Like a musical instrument you are tuning. Since the human body consists of a large proportion of liquid, it can absorb and transmit vibrations very well and thereby stimulate self-healing.


Users report positive experiences

  • for the optimal addition / combination to your Blu Room® session
  • to support conventional medical treatments
  • with nervousness and inner restlessness
  • with constant stress and pressure
  • at burn out
  • in insomnia
  • with physical discomfort in the head area or other parts of the body
  • to release energetic blockages

You can also let yourself be pampered with tuning fork treatments!


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