IL-DO® Body Candles

The IL-DO® Body Candle is an energized natural product made of pure cotton, beeswax (Cera-Alba) and various herbal essences. Based on the healing methods of the Amazon Indians, the candle is placed directly on the body. Due to their special funnel shape, a negative pressure develops on burning inside, which draws in blockades in the energy field of the aura and transforms it through the flame. The herbs and the resulting suction effect a profound relaxation and cleansing of the body and the aura on an energetic level.


IL-DO® body candle users report positive experiences

  • for the optimal addition / combination to your Blu Room® session
  • to support conventional medical treatments
  • with nervousness and inner restlessness
  • in stress symptoms
  • in insomnia
  • with physical discomfort in the head area or other parts of the body
  • for supportive treatment in inflammatory and detoxification processes
  • for digestive difficulties
  • to release energetic blockages


You can also be pampered with body candle treatments with us!


We will gladly answer your appointment requests by phone, e-mail or online via contacts formular.



For those who are interested, we also offer basic seminars on a regular basis in order to be able to use and order the wonderful IL-DO® candles themselves, both therapeutically and at home, for themselves and for their loved ones.


Next date: Sunday, 20.01.2019 from 10:00 to 16:00

Trainer: Dr. med. Andrea Pirker

Price: 136 € including seminar documents & standard candle set worth 50 €


* Our applications and products (Blu Room®, Body Candles, phonophoresis, hajoona, LaVita, Lavylites, MITOcare) are not qualified as medical measures (diagnoses and / or therapies) and are NOT a substitute for any medical examination or treatment.