Frequently asked questions

What is the Blu Room®?

It is an 8-cornered, mirrored room, the size of a sauna, where you are lying surrounded by blue-violet light and relaxing music.

... and what is happening in the Blu Room®?

It creates a unique atmosphere that allows you to exceptionally deeply relax .


In addition, the body is stimulated by the ultraviolet-blue light to produce vitamin D, which has positive effects on many levels in the body.


The experiences in the Blu Room® vary from case to case because we all are unique in our human individuality.


In summary, we have heard over and over again from our users that the Blu Room®

  • cleans
  • repairs
  • harmonizes
  • relieves
  • activates
  • regulates and
  • helps to find yourself.


Please also take a look at the reviews and videos.

How long does a stay at BluRelax take? How much does it cost?

You should plan about 45 - 60 minutes for a stay with us.


After a short preliminary discussion and explanation (about 10 minutes), it goes into the Blu Room®.


A Blu Room® session lasts 20 minutes, with the ultraviolet blue light going out after a few minutes and allowing the atmosphere to fully impact the body, mind and soul.


After the session in the Blu Room®, an employee leads you into the relaxation room for rest, in which you treat yourself to a break from everyday life for another 15 - 30 minutes  and you can enjoy energized Blu Room® water with excellent water crystal formation. Finally, there is a short debriefing on your Blu Room® experience, if you want.


The minimum clearance between two consecutive sessions should be about 6-8 hours.


For more information on prices, promotions and reductions, see the menu item prices.

Our added value for you with BluRelax:

Our BluRelax Blu Room® Carinthia family stands for:

  • a loving atmosphere
  • honesty
  • and constancy

Who is the Blu Room® suitable for?

A visit to the Blu Room® is suitable for anyone, whether young or old, healthy or ill (*), mobile or physically impaired.


If you are a wheelchair user and you can move yourself from the wheelchair to your bed, you can easily lie down on the couch in the Blu Room®. If your upper body does not have enough flexibility or strength, our staff will be happy to assist you. Because the rooms are currently not fully handicapped accessible, we ask for the assistance of an companion.


For our young Blu Room® users:

Parents with children under the age of 12 can have a joint session with their child. However, the child must understand that it must keep on the eye protection. 13- to 17-year-olds can go alone in the Blu Room®.



For sarcoidosis, epilepsy, taking photosensitizing medications, immunosuppressants, and any ongoing therapy that does not require direct sunlight, please contact your doctor before visiting the Blu Room®.

How do I dress best? Do I have to undress?

The Blu Room® is not a solarium!

Most people wear their usual clothes. Get dressed up for something comfortable. You do not have to undress, EXCEPT your street shoes, jewelry and metal objects (such as metal braces in bras, belts). If the room temperature is a little too cold for you, you may like to get a blanket to cover.


Please do not use any oils or creams which react photosensitive directly before the Blu Room® visit.

Is the Blu Room® harmless? Is there a risk of sunburn?

The Blu Room® structure, the short exposure time (3 to a maximum of 9 minutes) of the ultraviolet-blue light and additionally the wearing of clothing during the session minimize the already very low risk of sunburn.

In addition, eye goggles are worn.

* Our applications and products (Blu Room®, Body Candles, phonophoresis, hajoona, LaVita, Lavylites, MITOcare) are not qualified as medical measures (diagnoses and / or therapies) and are NOT a substitute for any medical examination or treatment.